Our Range of Services


We provide strategic analysis based on years of e-commerce experience to solve your digital needs. Cross-border trade, omni channel, mobile commerce, same-day delivery and much more, the changes are huge.

Marketplace Management

The large online marketplaces are our specialty. We achieve the best possible placement for your products, take over the day-to-day operations for you and, if you wish, the strategic further development.


In our competent service center we take over the handling of your complete customer correspondence with calls, mails, chats around all questions to the product or order including necessary complaint and returns handling.

Payment Processing

You decide whether you yourself act as a seller and biller, or whether we take over for you. We are able to flexibly offer any type of payment to the end customer as well as take over accounts receivable and payable.


In our in-house workshops, we test and repair technical articles from the areas of office technology, household, sports equipment and garden furniture for customers with the submission of error statistics for your product planning.

Spare Parts

We take over your spare parts planning and the targeted use for warranty processing and spare parts shops in our warehouse. At the same time we rework all return items technically and visually.

What Our Name Stands For

From 1 to 100 in the European Marketplaces

Customer Satisfaction

Start with any number of products that we list internationally for you. For brands and manufacturers, this is usually not more than 10 relevant marketplaces in Europe, which we can all open and manage for you from a single source.

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